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The Canadian Centre for DNA Diagnostics is transforming medicine. At C2DNA, we target the genes that are responsible for your specific health issues. It means that we can find your exact genetic risks and help your health-care providers avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatments to assure you the best possible medical care.

The test protocol that C2DNA uses is a modification of the Sanger method, the discovery of which earned Frederick Sanger the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This method of testing is considered the gold standard for DNA sequencing because of its accuracy. C2DNA offers you analytic tests based on technology that looks directly at evidence written in the genetic code of every living organism.

We give you the DNA information that will help you understand your unique physical makeup in regards to your weight management, exercise planning, hereditary conditions, as well as pathogens and drug sensitivity. Our DNA Diet test is a ground breaking approach to your weight management and diet planning. We can also help you in developing a personal fitness plan with our DNA Fitness test.


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Featured DNA Tests

DNA Diet

Excess weight is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. While you can't control your genetic predispositions towards gaining weight, knowing about your genes can help you make educated decisions about how to approach dieting. Our test can determine the diet choices that will fit your individual requirements and produce the best results for you.


DNA Fitness

Aerobics, endurance, power? Which one is right for you? We test for the specific variations in an individual’s DNA to help design a workout routine that will fit your individual requirements and produce the best results for you..


Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the forms of dementia and represents itself in a multitude of symptoms from innocuous to very definitive. Research has established well documented link between APOE gene and this disease. C2DNA can determine your predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease.

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